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I'm keeping my page up even if I'm innactive here~
Art wise, photography has become a second hand profession, and mostly for portraits. I have been to 1 cosplay photoshoot (and 2 cons) since my kids' births.

Taking care of a child with autism and adhd isn't a walk in the park and is very time and energy consuming.

there are also huge changes in the health care system that sadly highly affects my job and responsability charge. I'm crawling under piles of work and constant reorganisation. A pain in the ass~

in any case, if any of you would like to follow my photography journey or require my services, you can contact me (french and english) through my facebook photography page.…

I also have an instagram for photography and personnal
look for nebulaphotographie
and nebulagalactica (personnal)

see you soon!
It's been a year since I've updated my journal.

I didn't deactivate as I intended to but I put everything in storage.

I found out my external hard disk is corrupted and lost EVERY.PHOTOS. I've taken before 2014. Even my oldest son's personnal photo sessions :( 
you have no idea how I'm feeling about this. I'm looking for someone who can try and retract the files from the hard drive. Everything is in there, but I can't access it because of partition loss.

I'm rebuilding my photography portfolio so I can take a contract here and there.

My FB followers know that my oldest, Raphael, is turning 4 and has been undergoing many medical follows since july 2014. 

He is so far receiving hypothesises of Severe global dysphasia (language disorder) , verbal dyspraxia and ADHD. We're also on the lookout so we can remove a possible ASD (Autism spectrum disorder) from the list (we don't see him fit the spectrum but his atypical behaviors are present. atypical behaviors that are present in the other 2 neurological disorders I listed)

In any case, he's now considered handicapped until he can function correctly with the dysphasia (imagine verbal dyslexia? dyslexia of speech and comprehension)

but he's made enormous progress in 1 year. Barely verbal, he is now expressing his needs with small built sentences. They're not "natural" but he can express himself :) it's a win!

He's starting pre-k for handicapped children in september 5 half days a week. It should help him get the proper help for kindergarten next year and also to have other specialists opinion regarding ASD (3 say no, 2 say possibility)


turns out I was admitted to the hospital on Halloween night 2014 after I broke my water while cleaning up after trick or treating. I was 33 weeks point. I was hospitalized 2 weeks before I was induced and had a successfull VBAC. Miguel weighted 4lbs14oz for 16.9inches at birth. Apgar 10-10-10, no distress!! we couldn't be any happier. He's a wonderful smiling boy. Totally different from his brother but just as happy-go-lucky. He has joined the 50th percentile in height by 8 months and a bit above 15th in weight. He follows his real age development and so we don't consider him premature (neither do the doctors and nurses)

ever since it's been CHAOS in the house. I'm getting used to everything and enjoying summer before going back to work in september.

With gouvernmental cuts in health, I still don't know if I am secure in my position. I'm trying to rush my last 3-4 classes so I can have a back up plan that pays as much (medical secretary diploma)

that said, in health wise, I gained all my lost weight back. thanks to undiagnosed hypothyroidism. I've been suffering from it for 13 years, but I had no idea it wasn't fine after the birth. Still adjusting it. I also received my official ADHD impulsivity and possible TOP diagnosis. medicated, but not adjusted....

I'm waiting for my coworker to get in contact with our institution's neuropsychiatrist to see if they can confirm my diagnosis so my doctor stops thinking I'm just looking for drugs.

thanks, doc....

so.... I'm keeping my photography page now, and it's online with a bit of material.

come and follow! it's all French but you can easily go through the albums and photo updates :)…

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Lu0ren Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013  Professional
Tu as vraiment un don pour la photographie, je te soutiens continue comme ça!!! :3
J'espère assister au prochain Anime North pour rencontrer des gens comme toi snif.
Jaya-sama Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2013
Merci beaucoup, c'est gentil! J'espère pouvoir retourner a Anime North dans les années à venir :) le temps que mon garcon soit plus autonome et compréhensif et je devrais pouvoir y retourner!
Kizu-Ouji-Sama Featured By Owner May 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aw your from montreal :3
your realy a great photograph :O! I realy like your arts ^^ <3
Silver-moon123 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Commissions open?<3
Jaya-sama Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013
I am so sorry, they are not~ I haven't picked up a pen in a couple of years actually~
MangaAuthor Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Merci pour L'encouragement ^¬^
FelixToonimeFanX360 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
etienne242 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Une visite des plus intéressante de vos photos :)
ET félicitation pour le dernier venu ;)
Jaya-sama Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012
ah! eh bien merci beaucoup :) le nouveau venu va célébré ses 1 an dans 2 semaines alors pas si nouveau ;) mais je vous remercie! j'ai fais le tour de vos photos également étant donné que moi et un autre admins ont voté en faveur de votre photo dans les meilleurs coups! et je dois dire que votre galerie m'impressionne énormément :)
etienne242 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Ma première apparition dans les meilleurs coups !! YEAHH

En ce qui concerne la galerie, c'est un apprentissage constant et une partie de chance. Avec le temps la partie chance diminue ;)
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